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Gary Tomlinson, author of Metaphysical Song: An Essay on Opera"This book is both a major achievement by its author-editor and a remarkable act of scholarly generosity for the rest of us. Until now, English translations of Adorno's major essays on music have been scattered and often unreliable. Until now, there has been
Although Theodor W. Adorno is best known for his association with the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory, he began his career as a composer and successful music critic. Night Music presents the first complete English translations of two collections of texts compiled by German philosopher and musicologist
Available in English for the first time, this is a collection of Adorno's essays on such writers as Mann, Bloch, Holderlin, Kare Kraust, Sigfried Kracauer, Goethe, Benjamin and Stefan George. Also included are Adorno's reflections on a variety of subjects: literary titles, the physical qualities of books, political commitment in
Marking a major turning point in his musicological philosophy, Adorno located a critique of musical reproduction as internal to composition itself, rather than as a matter of the reproduction of musical performance. Consisting of two distinct essays, “Schoenberg and Progress” and “Stravinsky and Reaction,” this work poses
Theodor Adorno is one of this century s most influential thinkers in the areas of social theory, philosophy, aesthetics, and music. Throughout the essays in this book, all of which concern musical matters, he displays an astonishing range of cultural reference, demonstrating that music is invariably social, political, even ethical.
In these essays, Adorno explores a variety of topics, ranging from Aldous Huxley'sBrave New World and Kafka's The Castle to Jazz, Bach, Schoenberg, Proust, Veblen's theory ... Duringthe war years he lived in Oxford, in New York, and in Los Angeles, continuing to produce numerousbooks on music, literature, and culture.
More a collection of related essays and less a book with a coherent, unified message, this is a set of nine essays on a variety of topics. I'll list them here just to ... Theodor W. Adorno is the progenitor of critical theory, a central figure in aesthetics, and the century's foremost philosopher of music. He was born and educated in
Quasi una Fantasia contains Adorno's own selection from his essays and journalism over more than three decades. In its analytical profundity it can be compared to his Philosophy of Modern Music, but in the range of its topics and the clarity of its arguments it stands alone among Adorno's writings on music. At the book's
This collection covers a wide range of topics, from a moving study of Bizet's Carmen to an entertainingly caustic exploration of the hierarchies of the auditorium. Especially significant is Adorno's "dialectical portrait" of Stravinsky, in which Adorno both reconsiders and refines his damning indictment of the composer in
This is an introduction to the aesthetics and sociology of music of the German philosopher and music theorist T. W. Adorno. Its main aim is to offer a conceptual context within which to situate Adorno's writings on music. Starting with a thematic survey of the early writings from the 1920s the music of Bartok, Hindemith,

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